Battered little moth
Tribute to this haunting panel from Hikari Litchi Club 
Lost at sea

Anonymous asked,

Hello! :) Gosh, looking at your art still gives me those emotions the first time I stumbled across your blog: AWE. :) <3 I left tumblr for some time and recently logged on just to see your art again :D <3 Just thought I'd let you know. :)

Hello anon! Sorry this has taken me a while to answer, been staying away from Tumblr due to university commitments and such!

I just want you to know that your comment really means a lot to me! It reminds me as well why I keep drawing, that there are people who appreciate the things I do, and that makes me all warm inside.  :)

I just finished drawing a comic for a competition, so I should be back to updating my blog ! : ) Thank you so much <3

"And the bees in my head began to swarm"

A page from a poem I am illustrating, titled Mental Hygiene.  

Anonymous asked,

i miss your art

Hello anon, 

Thank you for your kind message, it is deeply appreciated.

I suppose I should have made an official statement, I apologize that even after exams it has taken me a while to update. Something unexpected has occurred within the family, with my grandmother’s sudden passing away. I have just flown in from overseas to attend her funeral; prior to this everything was a rush, with the moving out and the packing. 

I don’t want to give excuses.  This art blog is a personal commitment I want to follow through, even if it takes a while. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. 

I really appreciate everyone who is still here with me, your support, likes, reblogs, comments, messages- are deeply treasured. 

Thank you so much again <3