Anonymous asked,

Hello! :) Gosh, looking at your art still gives me those emotions the first time I stumbled across your blog: AWE. :) <3 I left tumblr for some time and recently logged on just to see your art again :D <3 Just thought I'd let you know. :)

Hello anon! Sorry this has taken me a while to answer, been staying away from Tumblr due to university commitments and such!

I just want you to know that your comment really means a lot to me! It reminds me as well why I keep drawing, that there are people who appreciate the things I do, and that makes me all warm inside.  :)

I just finished drawing a comic for a competition, so I should be back to updating my blog ! : ) Thank you so much <3

"And the bees in my head began to swarm"

A page from a poem I am illustrating, titled Mental Hygiene.  

Anonymous asked,

i miss your art

Hello anon, 

Thank you for your kind message, it is deeply appreciated.

I suppose I should have made an official statement, I apologize that even after exams it has taken me a while to update. Something unexpected has occurred within the family, with my grandmother’s sudden passing away. I have just flown in from overseas to attend her funeral; prior to this everything was a rush, with the moving out and the packing. 

I don’t want to give excuses.  This art blog is a personal commitment I want to follow through, even if it takes a while. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. 

I really appreciate everyone who is still here with me, your support, likes, reblogs, comments, messages- are deeply treasured. 

Thank you so much again <3

kirbysartbox asked,

hello, hope the studies are going well, always excited awaiting for more drawing from you :) I would love to buy "noir and the rainbow man" if you ever sell them or even sell prints, a story i often think back on <3 (read it over a year ago) excited for your new comic to be revealed ^^

Hi Kirby ! 

Thank you for keeping my comic in your heart even after all this while- I really appreciate it ~ ! It boggles me how people can be so kind ;A; If I do release a print I’ll definitely make an announcement ! <3

Uni being what it is, I’m sorry I can’t seem to find the time to update as much as i’d like- but I’ve not forgotten the stories I want to tell. Thank you for your kind message and encouragement ! It means a lot to me :)

Anonymous asked,

hi... I am the person who said you were amazing and kind :) I saw you make a list of many other artists and realized it must have taken a lot of effort for you to do so. You are also really fantastic at drawing.

Hello anon,

thank you so much for your sweet message. I think that there are many amazing artists out there, popular or a little under the radar or otherwise, it’s just my own way of showing appreciation, so it is no trouble at all ! 

You are very kind to me ;A; 

Anonymous asked,

you are such an amazing and kind artist. <3

Hello anon!

Im not sure what I did to receive this message, but thank you so much anyway ! <3 Im sorry Im on the inactive side lately, artwise ! Hope to get back to updating soon once I get assignments out of the way :)

Anonymous asked,

Will you be posting your 1000 Year Demon comic? I'm really curious because your previous works are amazing.

Hello and thank you for your interest!

I’ve actually completed the comic, but part of me feels like it is not satisfactory, and there are various revisions I want to make before I make it public. However, it is definitely something I want to do !

I may post up the finished pages though, but it would be without text. 

<3 Your support is deeply appreciated, and I am glad you like my comics !  :)