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The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife…PG version. 

nymph-child asked,

Why are you afraid of drawing?

Hello nymph-child! 

(this turned out to be a bit of a long answer)

I have not drawn in a while (literally, allowed university to swallow me), and in the midst of all this, I have let my own interests and passions take a back seat. As a result of that, when I draw, I feel so limited in what I can create. I feel like I lack the skill I need, to properly translate my inner worlds. I believe drawing is very much muscle memory. Returning to drawing after a standstill is a bit like trying to run a marathon when one has not been working out consistently. 

However, rather than create bad art, I have stopped creating at all, which is the real shame. I need to remember the feeling I had when I was simply immersing myself in drawing, even if I didn’t have the best of techniques, or the most accurate anatomy, etc. Returning to that feeling is the first step in a long journey towards becoming the artist and creator I want to be. :)

Inktober 1: Astronaut
Learning to be unafraid of drawing again. Slowly, slowly!
Battered little moth
Tribute to this haunting panel from Hikari Litchi Club 
Lost at sea

Anonymous asked,

Hello! :) Gosh, looking at your art still gives me those emotions the first time I stumbled across your blog: AWE. :) <3 I left tumblr for some time and recently logged on just to see your art again :D <3 Just thought I'd let you know. :)

Hello anon! Sorry this has taken me a while to answer, been staying away from Tumblr due to university commitments and such!

I just want you to know that your comment really means a lot to me! It reminds me as well why I keep drawing, that there are people who appreciate the things I do, and that makes me all warm inside.  :)

I just finished drawing a comic for a competition, so I should be back to updating my blog ! : ) Thank you so much <3