Tumblr Artist Recs Vol 2

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Hello, I’m back with the recs. Decided to split because the first post was getting ridiculously long. I’ve actually lost a lot of my recs, so in my scramble to archive them, I may have left out a few people I intended to include. I am sorry about that ;A; Nevertheless, I intend to keep doing this. I hope there is something in here for everyone. Enjoy!



This list is but a tiny, miniscule portion of so many other awesome undiscovered artists out there. This list in no way represents any “standard” of art, and is merely my way of showing appreciation for artists, popular or otherwise. There are too many talented people out there who deserve exposure, and this is just one small thing I can do. 

I hope I do not offend anyone ( and I apologize if I do ) for this list, and please don’t hesitate to note me if I’ve mislinked, misrepresented you, or you simply don’t want to be here. 


image analdrawings

image artsyambitions 


image ciil

image moobiess

image ayapus

image goldxperience

image southersalazar

image sarapocock

image lacrimode

image cloven

image dreamersnest

image ororororog

image wangie

image mozneko

image phobso

image pascalcampion

image yokotanji

image no1000

image badajapan

image soulist-aurora

image chanface

image toxicratbatman

image pepperonccinni 

image kubo135works

image chakoro

image kotake96